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Get ready to wear the mask again, the flower is coming fast, Corona

Once again the cases of corona have increased, due to which there is an atmosphere of concern among the people. In the last three hours, the cases of corona have reached more than 12,000 and now the corona is spreading once again with an increase of five percent. Kerala tops with 3419 and Delhi with 1323 while Maharashtra tops with 4255. According to the Union Health Ministry, 14 people have died due to coronary heart disease in the last one day. There are more than 63 thousand active cases across India.

Maharashtra has the highest number of cases across the country. At present, more than five lakh people have died due to corona in Maharashtra.

If we talk about recovery, then day by day some people get cured and now the recovery rate is running at 5%. So far, more than 20 lakh people have returned home after getting ready.

More than 15 lakh people have been vaccinated in a day and now the number of people vaccinated has crossed 150 million. In the last 24 hours, five lakh 19 thousand samples were tested. In which 12000 cases came positive. In a single day, 11 people have died while more than 7,000 have returned home after getting ready.

In Delhi, more than 200 cases of corona were reported in just 4 hours in which two people died.

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