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Gautam Adani announces donation of Rs 60,000 crore in education and health sector on his 60th birthday

Today was the 60th birthday of Gautam Adani, chairman of India’s largest Adani Group. He made a big announcement of donating Rs 50,000 crore on his birthday. The funds will be mainly used for health education and skill development. All the money will be used to build a self-reliant India. Also the next has its own foundation which allows the youth to get the right opportunities and make a good career for life.

Since today is Gautam Adani’s father’s birthday, the family organized a special event in which they decided to donate Rs 60,000 crore.

After the announcement of Gautam Adani, Azim Premji appreciated him and said that Gautam Adani is always ready to bring forward the youth of India and is making many efforts to strengthen the education and health sector in life. Azim Premji says that Gautam Adani does a lot of injustice to Mahatma Gandhi and he does not discriminate on the basis of any religion, caste or region and treats everyone equally.

According to the information received, Adani Foundation is providing employment to 37 lakh people in the country, many of whom are living on their own, with a livelihood attached to health, nutrition and other education departments. The foundation started by the Adani Group is working in 16 states as well as more than 3 lakh people.

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