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Ganesh in Allu Arjun ‘Pushpa’ look, this video has become a sensation on social media

Actor allu arjun latest news

actor allu arjun latest news. South actor Allu Arjun’s ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ became a superhit immediately after its release. Pushpa’s ‘jukhega nahi sala’ style in the film has won the hearts of the audience. Everyone is making flower style videos on social media. Many famous celebrities have also followed Allu Arjun’s floral style. Not only that, now Pushpa’s look is going viral on Ganapati festival as well. In many places, Lord Ganesha’s idol is given the appearance of a flower in his beard. A video of this is also going viral on social media.

actor allu arjun latest news

Ever since the release of ‘Pushpa: The Rise’, the audience has had a tremendous craze for Allu Arjun. This picture created a huge trend. Which brought not only the style of talking but also the style of Pushpa Raj from the film.

Now as Ganapati festival is approaching, flower fever has started on Ganapati idol too. Ganapati festival is the most celebrated festival among people. This year, idols are being made in the pattern of flowers. Statues have been found in places where Ganapati Pushpa is seen seated in a royal posture.

Pushpa’s look is going viral on Ganapati festival as well

It is a living example of Allu Arjun’s craze and stardom. It’s really amazing that even after such a long time, the craze of the stylish star doesn’t seem to be waning and he always creates new examples of his popularity.

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