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From the Footpath to the Spotlight: Prakash Jha’s Journey of Struggle and Success!


Prakash, a popular Bollywood filmmaker, is known for putting genuine incidents on film. Prakash Jha no longer needs an identity, but he had to suffer a lot when he first arrived in Mayanagari. Prakash, a Bihar Brahmin, had to buy his family members’ dissatisfaction in to achieve his goals. For five years, Prakash’s angry father did not speak to him.

He wants to be a painter. Prakash was doing his BSc Honors at Delhi University’s Ramjas College when he decided to transfer to Mumbai’s famed JJ School of Arts, leaving mid-graduation to pursue his ambition of becoming a painter.

From Homelessness to Hope: The Inspiring Journey of Sleeping on the Footpath

While Prakash was prepared to enroll in Bombay, he had the opportunity to witness the filming of ‘Dharma,’ and he was so taken by it that he abandoned his aim of becoming a painter. Prakash secured admission at the Cinema and Television Institute of India Pune. After leaving here, filmed the first film ‘Hip Hop Hooray’. Prakash received the National Award for his work on this film. There was no turning back after that.

Prakash Jha's life was full of struggle

Prakash Jha said in a media interview that when most people wanted to become IAS-IPS, he wanted to become a painter. Had purchased a camera and left the house with only Rs 300. This did not sit well with his family. For approximately 5 years, the angry father did not speak to his son. Prakash didn’t have money, therefore he was forced to eat and sleep on the street numerous times. Despite several challenges, he never stopped working toward his goals.

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