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From AC to Sleeper, how are the seats in trains? Know before you book tickets

Indian Railways is called the lifeline of the country. Thousands of trains carry lakhs of passengers daily to their destinations. If you have ever traveled by train, then you know that there are many types of seats in trains. Different coaches of the same train have different types of seats. Second class and sleeper seats are commonly known but many people do not know the difference between first AC, second AC and third AC class seats. Today we are going to tell about all the seats of the train.

AC First Class is the most expensive class of Indian Railways. All its coaches have 2 or 4 berths. A 2-berth compartment is called a coupe and a 4-berth compartment is called a cabin. The special feature of these coaches is that they have separate doors, which the passengers can close from inside. This coach does not have side and upper berth. Also all compartments have a dustbin and a small table. Also, there is a button in the compartment to call the attendant in the train.

After this the second AC coach comes in the train. There is no middle berth in it. However, this coach has side upper and lower seats. All these seats are quite comfortable. Thus there are 6 seats in each compartment. Railways also provides excellent facilities in these coaches. All the coaches of the coach are covered with curtains. Each berth has a reading lamp. Along with this, mattresses, sheets and blankets are also provided to the passengers.

Most of the people prefer third AC coach. Traveling is cheap and convenient in terms of fares. If we talk about the seats of this coach, then it has class-like seats. There are 8 seats in each compartment. The middle berth starts with AC 3 coach. This coach has AC. Along with this, the railways also provides pillows, sheets and blankets to the passengers.

In addition, the trains have sleeper coaches, which have AC 3G-like seats. But it doesn’t have AC. Indian Railways also operates First Class, AC Executive Class, Third AC Economy Class, AC Chair Car and Second Seating Coaches.

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