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Fire broke out with fatal explosion in company in Vadodara

There was a huge fire in Vadodara. A fire broke out at a Deepak Nitrate company in Vadodara’s Nandeshari area this afternoon, prompting a fire brigade team to take immediate action. At least eight people were seriously injured in this entire incident, after which they were taken to the hospital for further treatment.

The local people immediately called the fire brigade. The fire was spreading so fiercely that there was great enthusiasm among the local people. An ambulance was also called here and prepared.

Eight very large explosions were observed in the company, due to which noise was heard for fifteen kilometers and there was an atmosphere of great fear among the people.

The fire was spreading so fast that the fire brigade and ambulance were called immediately. Immediate steps were taken to prevent this from happening in future. About 50 firefighters were immediately called.

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