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Find out how many lines are there in the human hand.

Normally every human hand has only three lines. (1) Life line, (2) Head line and (3) Heart line. But some have only two lines on their hand: (1) the life line (2) the head line or the heart line. At such times it can be difficult to know which of the two lines, the head line or the heart line, is invisible. 99% of the heart lines are invisible. The title is hardly invisible, being the dominant force of the other lines.

A man who has a head line without a heart line, is a man without feelings, without heart, without mercy, cruel and sometimes cruel thoughts. He is a miser, greedy and vengeful seeker. He is mortal, hard-hearted and greedy for money.

The head line should be proportionally long and should extend from the face of Mount Jupiter to the middle of Mount Mars and Moon. A person with a long headline has strong mental power. The person with short head line has weak mental power. He is often unstable and changes his mind from time to time. Abbreviated titles should be viewed with particular caution. Sometimes the small head line stops at the place where the human head is in front of the mind.

If there is an asterisk at the end of the short title, then a person dies by accident. If there is a star sign at the end of both the short life line and the short head line, it will die in infancy. The cross mark is equally horrifying. The measurement of line length should always be taken into account.

He suppresses the feelings in the heart and does his duty by observing all things from the point of view of the work assumed in the mind. Such people are very greedy. When the time comes, he forgets even love. In everything, he puts forth his selfishness and practice. He doesn’t care about attractive things. He is not impressed by the price that fills the heart with compassion.

He is only affected by his own selfishness. The starting point or origin of the title should be carefully examined. In the hands of many true human beings, the head line initially appears at the top of the life line and departs from it. A person with such headline has to depend on others for his development in childhood.

In the hands of many true human beings, the head line sticks to the life line for a long time and then becomes loose. People with this type of headline are not confident. He cannot solve his problems with determination and he does his duty with the direction, guidance and advice of Parka.

They cannot print their own influence and their ingenuity. The point at which the title diverges from the lifeline. From that time on he performed his duties with his wisdom. Yet the effects of the pre-coincidence linger in their lives for a very long time. The head line in the human hand is clearly separated from the life line. He is self-sufficient, strong-willed, self-aware, self-reliant, independent and courageous in his thinking and behavior.

But the title should not be too far from the lifeline; Otherwise, such a person sometimes makes a serious mistake, often resulting in an opportunity for repentance. Often such a person gets very angry and goes blind and does things which should not be done.

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