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Features of the new XE variant of Corona surfaced, so be careful


Features of the new XE variant of Corona surfaced, so be careful

The new form of corona is more contagious than XE Omicron. If you see any of these symptoms, consult a doctor and follow all the rules related to corona.

The threat of corona is not over yet. New types of corona are emerging all over the world. Recently some cases of new variant XE of Corona have been reported in London. Now 2 cases of new type of XE corona have been reported in India in Maharashtra and Gujarat. In such a situation, the fourth wave of Corona is creating an atmosphere of fear among the people.

Experts say that the new XE variant is 10 times more infectious than Omron. In this case you need to be very careful. The features of the new XE variant remain the same as that of the Omicron. That’s why being said that the new variant exe is not so serious. You have to be careful though. Know the features of the new XE variant of Corona and ways to avoid it.

Symptoms of a new type of corona virus XE

sleepiness or fainting
brain fog
mental confusion
from vocal cord neuropathy
high heart rate
skin rash or discoloration
If you are not aware of the smell and taste. If you have a persistent fever and cough, you may have COVID. In this case, consult a doctor immediately.What is XE Variant?  Experts on common symptoms, severity and likelihood of a new wave.  Health - Hindustan Times

What precautions should be taken to avoid the new type of corona virus XE?
Everyone should get vaccinated and get their booster dose on time.
Always wear a mask whenever you go to a crowded place.
Use surgical masks or N95 masks instead of cloth masks in public places.
Follow social distance, maintain a distance of at least 2 yards from people.
After stepping out, sanitize your hands thoroughly and wash them with soap.
Wash your clothes after taking a shower when you go out.
Stay away from cold and cough and keep doing gargles.
Eat disease-boosting fruits and vegetables.



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