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FBI Document Reveals Recorded Conversations Between Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Burisma Executive


WASHINGTON  — Newly discovered evidence reportedly links former Vice-President Joe Biden and his son Hunter to an alleged influence peddling scheme.

According to Senator Chuck Grassley, an FBI document reveals that an unnamed executive from Burisma, a Ukrainian company, had recorded conversations with Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.

It is alleged that this foreign executive paid the Bidens millions of dollars in exchange for policy influence.

Former acting U.S. Attorney General Matt Whitaker commented on the potential impact of this evidence, stating that if it proves to be true, it would be a significant event, exposing Joe Biden’s knowledge and his abuse of power as vice president.

Senator Grassley has stated that there are 17 recordings in total, two of which involve the Burisma executive and Joe Biden, while the remaining 15 are between the executive and Hunter Biden.

It is claimed that these recordings were kept by the foreign national as an insurance policy in case they faced any difficulties. Grassley criticized the FBI for providing a heavily redacted version of the document to the leaders of the House Oversight Committee, who were only allowed to view it in a highly secure facility.

Grassley believes that the document, being unclassified, should be made fully public without unnecessary redactions.

As part of their investigation, House Republicans have subpoenaed Devon Archer, one of Hunter Biden’s close business associates, considering his testimony to be crucial.

Additionally, the Oversight Committee aims to revise the government’s ethics and financial disclosure laws to ensure greater transparency regarding the finances of the president, vice-president, and their immediate families in the future.

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