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Farah Khan Visit the Rambagh Palace Just Opened for Her Said ‘Itna Bada’ ‘But Bill Kaun Bharega’!!

Farah Khan was recently in Rajasthan, where she was welcomed with "itna bada" at a restaurant that was opened "just for her." Check out the video.

Farah Khan posted a photo on Instagram Reels from her recent trip to Rajasthan. The director posted a funny video of herself walking into a fancy hotel’s empty restaurant and being told by the staff that they had opened it “exclusively for her.” Farah was amazed by what they did, but she did have one question for them: “Who will foot the bill?”

Farah walks into the restaurant at the Rambagh Palace in Jaipur and says hello to the staff “Namaste, namaste. Wow, such a big welcome, itna bada. Why is the restaurant empty today (Why is the restaurant empty today)?”


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When the host of the restaurant told her, “Ma’am yeh aaj aap ke liye khola hai (we have opened the restaurant only for you)… This is just for you,” Farah looked shocked. She then looked into the camera and said, “Yeh poora restaurant mere liye open kiya hai? Wow, but bill kaun bharega (why is the whole restaurant open just for me? Who’s going to pay?)”

Farah wrote in the caption of the video she shared, “When they open a restaurant just for you, you know they’re being kind in Jaipur. Thank you…” In the video, she wore a black ethnic outfit.

The actor Gauahar Khan wrote on her Instagram Reels, “Hahahah! Wonderful,” “Only you can do this!!!” said a fan. Another comment said, “VVIP treatment, of course, not for everyone…” A fan praised Farah’s acting skills and said, “You must act more… kya aura hain (what an aura)… awesome… someone should make a movie with you, Sanjay Dutt, and Jaggu dada (Jackie Shroff).”

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Farah was in Qatar last month to watch the FIFA World Cup final with her son Czar. She gave her son the “best seats” at the Doha stadium, and he pressed her feet in return. Farah posted a picture of Czar massaging her feet while she sat on the bed after the game on her Instagram Stories. Czar was wearing an Argentina jersey.

She wrote, “Czar paying for the great seats his mother got him…” and sent it to him. Farah posted the same photo with the words, “Morning practice (laughing emoji), the world cup is over, son” (World Cup is over, son). On December 9, 2004, Farah and the filmmaker Shirish Kunder got married. They had a son named Czar and two girls named Diva and Anya through in vitro fertilization in 2008.

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