December 8, 2022
Eye or kidney... Rakhi Sawant's big announcement - I will donate this organ, you will be shocked to hear it
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Rakhi Sawant Latest News. Actress Rakhi Sawant is known for her bold style and outspoken statements. Known as the Queen of Controversy, Rakhi’s interviews are very poignant and entertaining. Recently a video of Rakhi is going viral again where she has said some shocking things about organ donation and revealed in front of the media which organ she wants to donate and will. People were shocked to hear Rakhi’s interview.

Eye or kidney… Rakhi Sawant’s big announcement – I will donate this organ, you will be shocked to hear it

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Rakhi Sawant said this on organ donation

Let’s know about this interview and also know which part of your body you want to donate. Rakhi Sawant says this about organ donation Rakhi Sawant made a big announcement about organ donation while talking to a media. When he was asked about organ donation, he said yes many people donate their eyes, their kidneys but they want to do something different.

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Rakhi says Aishwarya Rai has also said that she will donate her eyes after her death. Eye or kidney… Rakhi will donate his body parts. Rakhi Sawant declared, ‘Why would I do that, then I thought I would donate my breasts. Yes, my breasts are pretty good, so I thought I’d donate them This statement of Rakhi shocked the fans. The full statement can be seen in the video.

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Rakhi Sawant Relationship

Rakhi is currently in a relationship we tell you that Rakhi is currently dating Adil Durrani and Adil and Rakhi have been sharing many videos on social media. The duo’s romance is in the limelight and recently the duo went to Mysore where they were seen enjoying a late night in a buggy. Rakhi is quite active on Instagram.

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