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Exclusive News: Ranbir Kapoor and Rhea Chakraborty’s Engagement Confirmed by Pallavi!


Dida regrets Ranbir’s expression when he saw Akshay propose to Prachi. She requests that Pallavi stop Ranbir from pursuing Prachi. She suggests that she allow Ranbir to meet Prachi, that they remember Rhea’s favors on them, and that they unite Rhea and Ranbir. She asks Pallavi to use the situation to announce Ranbir and Rhea’s engagement. Pallavi apologises and declines. She expresses her desire for Ranbir’s happiness. She goes on to say that it is up to Ranbir to decide who he will marry. She says Rhea and Prachi are fine for the family, but she won’t make a decision without first consulting Ranbir.

She explains that Prachi has returned, and she is unable to keep her promise to Rhea. Ranbir goes out for a drink. Aryan intervenes. He inquires whether he assisted Akshay in proposing to Prachi. He’s curious about the truth. Ranbir claims that he assisted Akshay in proposing to Priya rather than Prachi.

He was wrong about Akshay. Aryan wonders if Akshay lied. Ranbir claims that Akshay did not lie; it was his mistake, his folly to be mistaken. He never imagined Akshay falling in love with Prachi. It astonishes him. Aryan wonders why he is affected and feeling something, and if he still loves Prachi.Get to know Rhea Return to Kumkum Bhagya.

Dida Informs Rhea That She Will Soon Become Her Bahu

He is aware of Ranbir’s predicament following the death of Prachi. He witnessed Ranbir’s reaction after Prachi returned to his life. He wants Ranbir to tell him if he still loves Prachi and wants her back. He requests that Ranbir not lie to him. Ranbir notices Prachi. He goes to speak with her. He becomes emotional. She staggers and collapses into his arms. A romantic song plays in the background as a film moment begins. They express themselves through their eyes.

Dida notices them sharing an eye lock. She acts coldly and ruins their moment. Ranbir claims Prachi slipped, so he simply held her. She invites him to accompany her to an important meeting. She wants Prachi to be there to witness the momentous occasion. Ranbir questions Dida about how she obtained him.

She says she’ll go get Pallavi and tell him. Ranbir and Prachi both notice each other. Dida requests that Pallavi declare Ranbir and Rhea’s relationship. Pallavi inquires as to why she is acting in this manner. Dida tells Pallavi to just look at Prachi because she is after Ranbir again, and the situation will be out of their hands unless Ranbir remembers his promise. Pallavi says she will first talk to Ranbir and learn about his feelings. Dida is asked not to do anything.

Pallavi isn’t the same, according to Badi Dadi. She requests that Dida make an announcement on time, or they will be very sorry later. She believes that if Ranbir falls in love with Prachi again, it will be an injustice to Rhea. She requests that Dida bring happiness into her home by bringing Rhea. Dida ignores Pallavi and goes to make an announcement. She wishes Ranbir the best. here is also how Ranbir helps Akshay confess his feelings. to Prachi.

She informs Prachi that Akshay has proposed to her today. Ranbir is furious. Pallavi and Vikram can sense Ranbir’s distress. Dida expresses her confidence that Akshay will look after Prachi. Akshay makes a promise to her. Dida adds that she will make a special announcement to make the day more memorable. She expresses her desire for Rhea to marry her Bahu and Ranbir. Dida’s shocking revelation affects Ranbir, Vikram, Aryan, and Pallavi. Prachi, too, does not appear to be content. Dida informs Rhea that she will soon become her Bahu. Aryan inquires about the announcement with Vikram. Pallavi notices Ranbir and Prachi are tense and feels sorry for them. Badi Dadi congratulates Rhea and gives her a hug.

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