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Even in Kali Yuga, the parents believed the miracles performed by the mother Mughal to prevent the son from passing the examination, which was completed.

No one has been able to send the correct solution yet, which is not strange. Everyone’s sorrows are being removed by taking the name of Mughal. People come from far and wide to see the Mughals.

Till now the Mughals have eased the suffering of lakhs of people by showing their pamphlets and till date no devotee has returned empty handed. Mother Mughals have built cradles in the homes of many people. Many people are seen singing the praises of the mother in the Mughal Dham.

Once again a couple came to the house of the Mughals with their child. Then Bapu sitting there asked what he believed. The couple then began to say that they believed in their son for a good education.

After believing this, he passed the exam and got a government job. So the family members came to pay homage to the Mughals.

Bapu sitting there said that there is no magic, only by having faith and faith in mother your work gets accomplished in a certain way and there is always enough faith in me. I will never let you down.

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