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Eva Mendes Displays Tattoo That Could Confirm She Married Ryan Gosling

Eva Mendes raised her wrist, which was inked with the last name of the actor she’s been seeing for almost ten years, leaving admirers with many unanswered concerns.

Eva Mendes, did you secretly marry Ryan Gosling? That’s the question that arose after she purposefully displayed a wrist tattoo in a new Instagram snapshot that appeared to be a hint to something related to the 42-year-old actor.

In the photograph, the 48-year-old beauty had her arm lifted up and over her nose as she looked into the camera with a serious face, and the ink said, “de gosling.”

Despite the fact that she merely used two black emojis on each side of a two-sword emoji in the caption and provided no additional explanation, the wording on her wrist is common in Hispanic society when it comes to married ladies.

When a Hispanic lady marries, she frequently adds her husband’s surname to her own, followed by “de,” which translates to “of.” Eva may go by the name Eva Mendes de Gosling if she marries Ryan, whom she has been courting for almost ten years.

When Eva posted the photo, her fans rushed to the comments area to express their interpretations of what it signified. “Same as a wedding band,” remarked one fan, while another inquired, “Married?” Others praised the stunning photo, which showed the brilliant performer wearing a yellow strapless top with her hair pushed up and wrapped in a black and blue patterned wrap. “Beautiful Eva!” remarked one fan, while another assured her that she was “always pretty.”

This isn’t the first time Eva has flaunted her tattoo in public. She also gave followers a sneak glimpse in September when she tweeted a photo of her hand, facing up, clutching orange blossoms in what appeared to be a garden or field of some type.

“September…. I recall you being associated with the start of fall and sweater weather. You’re now merely a summer extension. Today’s temperature is 100 degrees. “I’m just saying…” she captioned the photo.

Eva and Ryan began dating after filming the neo-crime drama The Place Beyond The Pines in 2011, but they kept their relationship as discreet as possible over the years. They had two children, Esmeralda, 8, and Amada, 6, and have continued to live as privately as possible. Eva already stated on social media why it works for her.

“As far as Ryan and I are concerned, staying private works best for us… “I’ll only upload flashbacks to things that are already ‘out there,’ like photos from movies we worked on or something like that,” she stated. “My husband and children are private. That is very important to me, so thank you for getting it.”

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