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Entry of 4 actors together in Anupama, will the new story of Rupali Ganguly’s show be a hit?

TV serial Anupama has seen four new entries simultaneously. Gaurav Khanna is laughing with everyone on the first day on the sets and some pictures are going viral on social media.

The TV serial Anupama has seen the entry of many actors in the last few days. The serial is being seen with a very new twist with new actors. At the same time, everyone in the in-laws’ house is behaving well with Anupama.

Then the heat and the life of the birds can change. Let us tell you that four people had entered the show on Saturday. There were also four actors in this show. Fans are also very fond of these artists.

How many pictures does Gaurav Khanna share on Instagram? Other artists including Rupali Ganguly are also seen in these pictures. Sharing the photos, Gaurav Khanna writes in the caption, “Welcome new artists to this serial.” In this photo, Rupali Ganguly, Rohit Bakshi, Adhik Mehta and Alma Hussain are seen with Gaurav Khanna.

People are reacting a lot to this post of Gaurav Khanna. Some people are making very funny comments. So at the same time some people are showing their plight with this serial.

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