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Eleceed Chapter 248 Release Date, Spoilers, and Where To Read?


Jiwoo’s clashes with the new combatants of the Frame gang will be harsh, so brace yourself. Discover the webtoon’s success secrets, as well as the twists and turns that keep readers coming back for more.

Jiwoo Seo is a good-natured young man with great reflexes who embarks on incredible adventures with Kayden, a top-tier awakener locked in the body of a fluffy cat who is anxious to escape the world’s top three awakeners.

They combine their distinct strengths for the benefit of the awakened community. Jiwoo prepared for a struggle against the new Frame members in the previous chapter.

As a result, excitement for the next installment has risen. This article will tell readers about the Eleceed Chapter 248 release date, plot summary, and online availability.

Eleceed Chapter 248 Release Date

Eleceed’s next installment will be released on May 30th, 2023. The release date could vary depending on where you are.

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Eleceed Chapter 24 (Spoilers)

At the same moment, we get the identical flashback as before, in which Duke explains to one of the rookies that Jiwoo’s major talent is “speed,” and because of that, he is difficult to battle, but his power isn’t that powerful, so it will be much easier if they prepare for it ahead of time.

Eleceed Chapter 248 Release Date

Along with that, Duke tells him that if they do end up fighting Jiwoo, they should make sure to kill him, and with that, he is okay to be their sponsor and their organization’s sponsor, but they should be careful with Jiwoo’s speed because that speed alone is at a level that the Top 10 can never even catch up to.

Recap and Review of Eleceed Chapter 247

Later in the chapter, Jiwoo answers yes and compares it to sparring. With this, we get a flashback to Duke Grane saying to the Frame’s students that Seo Jiwoo will not spar with them because sparring with them is a loss for Sir Kayden’s disciple, losing a significant problem, and there is nothing to gain by winning.

In addition, he wonders if they think they will want to spar if they switch positions with Jiwoo!! If they want Seo Jiwoo to make a move, they will need much more intricate plots, and even if he does, it will only be in the name.

Back in the present, the teacher wonders if Jiwoo is serious and if he truly wants to spar when Gangwoo appears and says he would aid them out there, leaving the Teacher wondering if he really wants to fight a novice like Jiwoo.

We observe many students feel he was around the World Awakened Academy Top 10, they won the fight against those guys on that side, and they will think the back number.

We also see him indicating that they would have to wait another day; it doesn’t appear like he is going to avoid sparring with them, so there should be a chance

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When one of the rookies approaches and introduces himself as “Number 38,” Jiwoo discovers that the rookies are not referred to by their names there; they are only referred to by the number they were first assigned to.

Where To Read Eleceed Chapter 248?

In addition to the previous releases, you can read the future Eleceed Chapter 248 immediately on WebToon at the hours and dates specified.


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