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Eirewave Launches St. Patrick’s Day Special: A Day of Music and Festivities


On St. Patrick’s Day, Eirewave’s Shamrock ‘n’ Roll radio show will play only Irish pop music. Listeners will be treated to five hours of nonstop Irish pop-rock music from 7 p.m. to Midnight, featuring some of Ireland’s most iconic bands and musicians.

“Shamrock ‘n’ Roll,” hosted by Waterford’s Paul Dower, will feature songs from Bell X1, The Cranberries, Damien Rice, Hozier, Sinead O’Connor, Snow Patrol, Royseven, and U2.

“We at Eirewave are constantly striving to celebrate Irish culture and music, and what better way to do it on St. Patrick’s Day than with a special display of the greatest of Irish pop rock music,” said Olivier Mauxion, owner of Eirewave.

“As a radio station that already plays Irish music 24/7, we’ve handpicked the crème of the crop for this show. ‘Shamrock ‘n’ Roll’ promises to be a very musical and enjoyable five-hour celebration of Irish pop rock, with Paul Dower as our presenter, who knows the music inside and out and adds an infectious enthusiasm to the program.”

“Shamrock ‘n’ Roll” will be broadcast live on Eirewave from 7 p.m. to Midnight on March 17th.

In addition, the station has launched a new digital campaign aimed at engaging its audience and attracting new listeners to its platform.

The campaign includes a visual presentation that encapsulates the essence of the station’s music and ambiance, as well as performers from the playlist.

“We are excited to launch this new digital campaign for Eirewave,” Olivier added. Our video presentation is a window into the heart of Eirewave, capturing the essence of the music we play as well as the passion of our presenters. We created this campaign to establish a lasting mental impression of what Eirewave represents: pure, unadulterated pop-rock music presented with passion and intensity. It’s a direct and uncomplicated expression of our ideology, and we’re convinced that anyone who sees it will be profoundly moved.”

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