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Eden Knight: Suicide Note Suggests Family Forced Detransition on Trans Woman


Eden Knight, a young transgender woman, has become a big topic on the Internet after deciding to commit suicide. Yes, a Saudi transgender woman committed suicide, leaving a suicide note accusing her family of forcing her to de-transition. Eden Knight, a 23-year-old transgender woman, was a US citizen until late last year. According to her friends, Knight’s death was preceded by a tragic series of events that highlight all too clearly how transgender people face violence on a global scale. Let us investigate what happened to her and how it happened.

why does Eden Knight, Young Transgender Woman, Commits Suicide?

Knight’s suicide note says, “hello. If you’re reading this, I’ve already committed suicide. I’ve given life every chance, and I’ve given myself every chance to improve. But I couldn’t do it, I wasn’t strong enough, and I don’t believe there was ever a universe where I was strong enough to endure this”. She also explained the reason for her death. She also stated that she was contacted by Michael Pocalyko via an IRL friend, who claimed to be a fixer and wanted to resolve the issues between her and her parents.

Eden said, “I wanted to be a leader for others like me, but that wasn’t written to happen. I hope the world improves for us. I hope our people live to be old. I hope our children grow up to fight for us. I wish for global trans rights. goodbye”. Her loved ones and friends have been paying respect to her since the news of her death was confirmed on the Internet. She was a well-liked member of the community. She will be remembered fondly by her loved ones and family. Please keep her in your prayers and thoughts.

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