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Eating too much Golgappa in the rain is dangerous for health, it will lead to infection


Eating golgappas sold in mandaps during monsoons is fun, but do you know that nowadays golgappas are the main cause of a dreaded disease called typhoid. Yes, typhoid is an unsanitary and foodborne disease, which grows rapidly in the rains. Let us tell you that Golgappa was banned in Kathmandu, Nepal and some parts of Telangana a few days ago because thousands of people got typhoid after consuming it.

Eating too much Golgappa in the rain is dangerous for health, it will lead to infection

What is the relationship between golgappa and typhoid?
Typhoid, also known as ‘water-filled disease’, is actually caused by a dangerous bacterium called Salmonella typhi. According to this, this bacterium enters the stomach through the mouth and makes people sick. In this case, these bacteria are more active during monsoon and if an infected person comes in contact with Golgappa water, this water is easily contaminated and people easily get infected by drinking it.

If typhoid is not treated on time, the disease can become fatal and cause fatigue, pale skin, vomiting blood and even internal bleeding. Which can take someone’s life.

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How does infection occur?

Even after antibiotic treatment, a person who has recovered from typhoid can still infect people if they come into contact with people. As chronic carriers, these people do not have typhoid symptoms, but people can catch the infection from their feces. An infected person can easily spread typhoid to others if they do not wash their hands properly after using the toilet and after touching food or drinking water.

How to protect against typhoid

Wash hands thoroughly before eating and after defecating.
Wash your hands and feet with soap after coming out.
Keep a handkerchief in your mouth while coughing and sneezing.

  • Avoid touching your face frequently.
    Avoid eating watery street food.
    -Stay away from Golgappa.
    Do not eat cold outside food.

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