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“During Boarding at Delhi, One Passenger Behaved in an Unruly and Inappropriate Manner, Harassing and Causing Disturbance to Cabin Crew

The passenger also expressed regret in writing, however he was removed to prevent any additional issues.

Due to alleged “unruly behaviour,” two passengers were deplaned from a SpiceJet flight with a destination of Hyderabad and turned over to the security team at the Delhi airport on Monday. The incident happened as passengers were travelling aboard the SpiceJet-lease Corendon aircraft on the SG-8133 route from Delhi to Hyderabad.
An argument and inappropriate behaviour between a guy and a female flight attendant can be seen in a video of the incident that the news agency ANI posted. According to reports, the passenger acted improperly around a female crew member. In the video, the attendant can be heard telling the concerned passenger, “She is literally crying.”

According to the staff, who was quoted by ANI, a passenger allegedly touched a member of the crew improperly. Because of the cramped conditions on the flight, several passengers felt it was an accident. The passenger later apologised in writing, but he was removed to prevent any additional issues.

One guest acted in an impolite and improper way upon boarding in Delhi, pestering and upsetting the cabin personnel. The crew also let PIC and security personnel know about it.

The aforementioned passenger and a companion, who were both travelling together, were offloaded and given to the security crew, according to a statement from an airline representative. According to the news agency PTI, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) stated that it is investigating the situation and will take the necessary steps.

The DGCA issued a show-cause notice to Air India earlier this month following two instances of unruly passenger behaviour, including the infamous urination episode. One passenger was found smoking in the bathroom, was intoxicated and was not paying attention to the staff.

When a female passenger went to the restroom, another allegedly discharged himself on her blanket and an empty seat. Why enforcement action “should not be conducted against them for neglect of their regulatory obligations” was stated in the show cause notice.


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