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Due to the strange behavior of the teacher, the children leave the class and then…

Due to the teacher in a school in Kosamba area of ​​Surat, students are afraid to go to school. Here they are not afraid of the teacher beating or the students studying, but there is an atmosphere of fear among the students due to the strange behavior of the teacher in the ongoing class.

Villagers have demanded that a teacher working in a primary school in Pansara village under Kosamba police station area was in a mental state for some time, was sleeping in the classroom during the ongoing classes and was behaving appallingly. That the school should be closed and the teacher who behaved strangely should be replaced. Students of classes 1 to 8 study in the primary school of Pansara village run by Surat District Panchayat Education Department. The school has four teachers including a female headmaster. A teacher was undergoing treatment for mental illness for a long time.

The teacher teaching the children falls asleep in the class and starts screaming. Children get scared seeing the teacher behaving so strangely inside the class. Such an act of a mentally handicapped teacher has compelled the villagers to demand the replacement of the teacher. For a long time, the villagers of Pansara locked the school due to the teacher’s antics and demanded to change the teacher.

The primary education officer of the taluka, Bhupendra Modi, is also known to have filed a report in the district panchayat regarding the intimidating behavior of teachers and children due to mental illness. The school principal is also known to make representations at the taluka and district level regarding the conduct of the teacher. However, as soon as the matter of teacher’s behavior went viral on social media, there has been an uproar in the education world.

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