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Don’t worry if your slippers are stolen on this day, Panoti will be gone

It often happens that when we go to a public or public place, especially a temple or any event, there is a lot of crowd and often our slippers are stolen in this crowd. When you go on a trip or go out of the village people get very upset and slippers get stolen. But often slippers are good for us.

We consider someone’s old slippers or shoes to be Panoti. You must have seen that many people also go to Shani’s temples with shoes, because it is considered auspicious. But have you ever thought that what is the use of stealing shoes on Saturday? And why is it believed that if a leather shoe is stolen, then all the trouble goes away with it? So let’s know something special.

1. It is said that if a shoe is stolen on Saturday, then it should be considered an auspicious sign. And it should be understood that the problem of your slippers has also gone away.

, In fact, in astrology, Saturn is considered a cruel and strict justice-loving planet. On the other hand, when Saturn is against someone, that person does not get good results even after working hard. With this, Saturday is considered as the day of Saturn.

, It is said that the planets also have an effect on the parts of our body. It is believed that Shani resides in the skin and feet. By which he donates things related to it and his diseases are also related to Shani.

, It is said that both leather and feet are affected by Saturn, so if shoes and slippers are stolen on Saturday, it is believed that the problem will be reduced.

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