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Don’t Search These 5 Things On Google! The police will take you to jail; name will be infamous

The Indian government is very strict regarding child pornography. Searching, viewing or sharing child porn on Google is a crime. Violation of the law in this regard can lead to imprisonment.

Often people search such things on Google which they do not understand. Don’t look for suspicious objects like how to make bombs etc. This is because these activities are monitored by the cyber cell. Doing so can get you in trouble. Security agencies can take action against you. In which you may even have to go to jail.

Searching for abortion methods on Google also falls under the category of crime. You don’t do that at all. Under Indian law, abortion cannot be performed without the advice of a doctor.

Leaking a movie online before its release is a crime. If you leak or download online then it is a big crime. Violation of this law by the Government of India is punishable with 3 years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 10,000.

Leaking private photos or videos on social media or Google is also a serious crime. Which can also lead to jail. Never accidentally share someone’s personal photos or videos on Google.

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