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Don’t accidentally send these 3 pictures and videos on Whatsapp! Otherwise you will have to go to court

Whatsapp is the most used. This social messaging app has become a common need of the people. It is only used for chat, audio and video calls. But many people use the app without reading the policy. But let me tell you, ignoring it can land you in jail. If you break the policy, you can be prosecuted. The police can also file a case of frequent policy violations. That means you may even have to go to jail. Let’s know about WhatsApp policy

Under the policy, you cannot share any photo or video which is harmful to the society or divides the society. Doing so can cause WhatsApp to consider itself and ban the account. WhatsApp bans such accounts every month. The company had blocked 1.6 million accounts in May last year. But after clearing, you can restart your account.

The police also have the power to arrest those who hurt religious beliefs or incite violence. The police also has the right to send such a person to jail. According to the policy, it comes under the category of crime. Take for example the Delhi riots… Many people were arrested there because they used WhatsApp to incite riots. For this he has formed a special group.

For doing so, action can also be taken against the admin of the group. Child porn, naughty pictures and anti-social content completely fall under this category. Spreading rumours is also a crime. WhatsApp has been working on fact check for a long time. WhatsApp takes action if it finds it wrong.

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