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Does Eren Die in “Attack on Titan”? Is He Actually Died or Not? Explore Here!!

Eren Yeager is one of the main characters in Hajime Isayama’s manga Attack on Titan. Eren is a teenage kid who vowed vengeance on the Titans, who devoured his mother. He enlists in the Army and joins the Exploration Battalion, a group of troops who combat the Titans outside the walls, in order to eliminate them.

As the story progresses, Eren learns that he has the capacity to transform into Titan, “The Attack Titan”. It then becomes a vital tool in assisting humans in eliminating their adversaries.

This article will inform you whether Eren dies in Attack on Titan.

Does Eren Die in ‘Attack on Titan’?

As we mentioned in the opening, Eren Yeager is one of the protagonists of Attack on Titan, and he was widely regarded as the franchise’s ultimate hero, someone who would put an end to Isayama’s dystopian tyranny. And, while his journey was mostly heroic, it took a fatal turn near the finish.

This was not depicted in the anime, therefore we must caution readers who have not read the manga that there will be a lot of spoilers ahead, so don’t read the text that follows if you don’t want to know all the circumstances behind Eren’s death.

In this section, we will simply affirm that Eren Yeager dies in Attack on Titan and that this occurs in the manga’s and anime’s final arc. The sections that follow will go into greater detail about the events surrounding his death.

does eren die in attack on titan

If you read manga, you are already aware of Eren Yeager’s death. But it’s still suspense for anime fans. The show is nearing the end of its run. Attack On Titan’s fourth season is the final season, and the first installment has already been released.

The second installment of the fourth season will be released on January 10, 2022. Eren Yeager, the primary character who needs no introduction, regrettably dies at the end of the series.

As the struggle progresses, Eren, who is within the titan’s body, fights until his last breath, giving up his own life to protect humans. The Erens titan eventually dies, and when Mikasa enters the titan’s body, she finds Eren within, who is already dead.

As a result, she hits Eren’s head with her sword and pulls his head out. Armin, Eren’s best friend, and Mikasa are both devastated by his death. Finally, Mikasa kisses Eren’s head and bids him farewell.

What Happens After Eren’s Death?

All matter sources expire after Eren’s death. If you’re acquainted with the program, you’ll know that Titans are the progeny of Ymir Fitz, who dies and splits into two pieces, resulting in distinct types of titans. As a result, when Eren dies, the titan race as a whole will come to an end.

does eren die in attack on titan

The world is liberated from the titans, and all of them depart, leaving behind the true human form that was held within them. Eren’s body was discovered behind a tree on Paradise Island, near where he used to sleep as a toddler. The globe is once again free and peaceful. And the people are finally free of the constraints of living behind walls in a small area.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Plot

The story depicts a post-apocalyptic world. Many years ago, the planet was attacked by titans, man-eating, enormously powerful beasts who attempted to wipe out the human race.

The titans have returned after so many years, despite the fact that the human population is secure behind three different magical barriers. Unfortunately, a 15-meter-long Collosol titian easily shattered the initial wall. As a result, the people fled into the second well to protect themselves.

does eren die in attack on titan

When the titans successfully destroy the second wall, everyone loses hope, and half of the population is crushed. In this zombie invasion, a young child called Eren Yeager loses his mother. As a result, he resolves to join the police force in order to slay the titans and repay his friend Mikasa for saving his life. Eren finds his ability to change himself into a living Titan many years later.

The government decides to use its titan strength to combat the remaining titans. As a result, humanity’s hope has been restored, and the police guards, survey corps, and government are now working together to keep humanity from becoming extinct.

In What Episode Does Eren Die?

Eren is killed at the end of the Attack on Titan manga. His death hasn’t been portrayed in the anime series yet because the anime isn’t finished yet, but we have no doubt that it will come at the end of the anime’s final season; we simply don’t know the precise episode number.

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