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Do you talk to ‘Shona-Babu’ secretly on WhatsApp? To hide secret chat just do this

Millions of people use Whatsapp. In a pinch, you can talk to anyone. But when you have a personal chat with your partner, there is a fear that some message may not be read. But with a good trick, you can hide your secret chats. No need to delete chat and no need to hide mobile. You can re-read the chat or resume your conversation from there. let’s learn how

Tip for Android Users
You can hide it without any third party. After that, even if someone is looking at your phone, then he will not know the secret chat. Android users will have to go to WhatsApp Chats to hide personal chats. Click on the one you want to hide and hold for a while. You will then have the option to archive above. Clicking on it will hide the chat.

Tip for iPhone Users

iPhone users will have to go to WhatsApp Chats to hide personal chats. Then swipe up on the chat you want to hide. In the option you will get the option to archive. Your chat will be hidden once you click it.

Where will the chat go after hiding?

As you archive the chat, the chat will move to the bottom. After this trick, if someone opens your WhatsApp, then he will not see the above personal chat. Only you as the parent can know for sure. You can go down to continue talking.

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