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Do you know how much a helicopter gives on average in 1 liter of petrol? You will be surprised to know.

You must have known a lot about helicopters. You must have seen many types of helicopters. But have you ever wondered how much a helicopter gives on average? How much does this helicopter cost? There will be many of you who have traveled by helicopter but they have no idea how much it costs and what is its average.

Today we will tell you interesting information related to helicopter. First let me tell you that a plane uses jet engine to fly but a helicopter uses wing plates to fly.

Today we are telling you about Robinson Helicopter. The company claims that its helicopters can fly at a speed of 180 kmph and a maximum speed of 240 kmph. Helicopters are provided with two tanks for fuel.

The capacity of one tank is 20 liters while the capacity of the other tank is 70 liters. Now let’s talk about the weight of the helicopter, which is 657 kg. This helicopter can easily carry persons as well as other similar people.

Now let’s talk about its average, so if we fly this helicopter at a speed of 180 speed per hour, then this helicopter consumes at least 300 ml of petrol to cover a distance of 1 km i.e. this helicopter 3 in one liter of petrol. Can fly up to 4 km.

Helicopters are very expensive now but let’s talk about a normal helicopter. Let us tell you that before you can buy a helicopter, you have to get a license for it and then you can take a helicopter by doing the necessary paperwork. For this you will have to spend at least two crore rupees. Let us tell you, this price is only for a small and normal helicopter.

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