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Do Spouses Disagree After Having Children?


Despite the happiness of having children, sometimes there may be quarrels and quarrels between husband and wife. It is said that there is no marriage without differences. Some minor problems in life. If someone has more trouble, it can be done on a very small scale. But it is always said that the problem becomes more serious after the couple has a child. This has also been detected by experts.

This can be attributed to the increasing responsibility in the family after the birth of the child. But sometimes such disputes can ruin the marriage, leading to serious problems. Learn how to deal with it

lack of sleep:

The happiness that a couple enjoys after having children is no longer there. But if the baby cries frequently, it can disturb the parent’s sleep.

Sometimes when a baby wakes up and cries, there is a fight over who will calm him down.Do conflicts between parents affect children?  - bbc news gujarati

Make sure you plan ahead of time. If the husband is going to work, he needs to sleep at night. In such a situation, if you wake them repeatedly in the night, then this problem can happen.

sexual relations

After the birth of a child, there are many changes and responsibilities for both of them. It is equally important to deal with it. It is difficult to remain sexually active during this time. Some people are more prone to be sexually active.

This problem can become more serious for a few months after the birth of the child. But the spouse needs to understand this and cooperate.

You can try to be physically intimate, even if you are not sexually active. You can have sex anyway.Work from home increased embarrassment and mistrust between husband and wife Increased embarrassment and mistrust between husband and wife  gujarati news - news in gujarati - gujarati newspapers - gujarati ...

About homework:

Most couples have difficulty with household chores after childbirth, which can be a problem if one knows which ones aren’t working.

Husband and wife should work together and not do all the household work alone.



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