December 2, 2022
ભાજપના આ નેતાની સ્કૂલમાં થતું હતું ગંદુ કામ, 11માં ધોરણ માં ભણતી છોકરીએ આત્મહત્યા કરી

The Gujarat government has repeatedly claimed that everyone is safe in Gujarat. Especially daughters but cases of molestation and molestation often come to the fore. 10 days ago in Bhabhar, Banaskantha, a student committed suicide after a suicide note was found during police investigation, in which many revelations were made.

Dirty work was going on in this BJP leaders school

The girl student was studying in class 11th and ten days after her suicide, the family members lodged a police complaint so that the police could investigate further and found out that the school belonged to a BJP leader. The name of the school is Radhe International. The student had made a suicide note before committing suicide in which he mentioned that he was molested by teachers and threatened to delete the video and then went viral. Many attempts were made by this student. But due to the school being the school of a big BJP leader, not everyone was investigating further.

There is no fair investigation of this school as it is part of many big workers of BJP. He is working hard for a fair investigation by the family. The family claims that police work is being obstructed by BJP leaders and proper investigation is not being done.

After the murder of this daughter, many questions have arisen against the government that the government must give justice to this daughter and at the same time, the culprits of this incident should be brought to justice.

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