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Difficult to live with inflation, in three months, the price of CNG from petrol and diesel has increased by 10 to 33 percent.


The prices of petrol, diesel and CNG are increasing every day. Due to which common man is trapped in the trap of inflation. This is clearly affecting everything from the kitchen to the tour. CNG prices have increased by over 33 per cent in the last three months. At the same time, the prices of petrol and diesel increased by 10.48 percent and 11.53 percent, respectively. Its effect is being seen on every kilometer traveled. After the scorching heat, vehicles are finding it difficult to run AC.

On the other hand, the prices of kitchen items are also increasing due to increase in operating cost. If we look at the data, between January and April, petrol and diesel have increased by Rs 10 per liter. While the price of CNG has increased by Rs 18 per kg. This has had an impact on the operating cost of the vehicles. The operating cost of CNG vehicles has almost tripled as compared to petrol and diesel.

Delhi currently has over 1.25 crore registered vehicles. In which CNG autos, taxis, cabs, buses are being used as public transport. Due to the ever-increasing mercury, the effect of price hike is getting deepened due to running of AC in vehicles. The rising fuel prices are also affecting the cargo ships. With rising diesel prices, freight freight is also affecting the transport traders. Their losses are increasing continuously due to the increase in the price.

To avoid this, transport traders are also increasing the movement of goods. If a product has to be transported over long distances, it takes time and merchants have to bear the brunt of the additional impact. According to Rajendra Kapoor, president of Delhi Goods Transport Organization, a decision should be taken on increasing the prices of diesel every month. This will make it easier for them to fix the freight. The financial burden has increased by more than 10 percent in the last three months due to the increase in diesel prices. This has led to an increase in the cost of transportation of the products, resulting in a rise in the inflation graph along with the price of the fuel.
Public transport can provide relief
According to Ananya Das, an expert at the Center for Science and Environment, public transport will have to be adopted to avoid the continuous increase in fuel prices. If you need a personal vehicle, you can switch to e-vehicles. The initial cost will be one time, but the maintenance cost is very less except charging for the whole year. Public transport can gain new momentum by slightly reducing the use of private vehicles due to rising fuel prices.

Cost (litres/kg)
Fuel 14 April 14 January Percentage Growth
Petrol 105.41 95.41 10.48
Diesel 96.67 86.67 11.53
CNG 71.61 53.53 33.77

Fuel 14 April 14 January Percentage Growth
Petrol 351.36 318.03 10.48
Diesel 322.23 288.90 11.53
CNG 238.70 178.43 33.77
(Fuel cost of driving a car on average 50 km per day at 15 km mileage)

Vehicles 4 April 14 January Percentage Growth
Bike 131.76 119.26 10.48
(Increase the price of two wheeler to run 50 km at 40 km mileage)

Only 14 April 14 January Percentage increase
AC 1432 1070 33.77
Non AC 1193.50 892 33.77
(Non AC CNG Bus and 2.50 km AC Bus runs 50 kms with 3 km mileage)



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