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Dida Chooses Her to Be Prachi’s Replacement in Ranbir’s Life!


Rhea expresses her desire to avoid becoming the old Rhea. She explains to Dida that Ranbir and Prachi will make their own decisions about their lives, and it is their choice to return to each other if they so desire; they have matured and can let them decide for themselves. Ranbir is overjoyed to hear this. He is pleased with Rhea. Dida asks Rhea if she doesn’t adore Ranbir. Rhea claims that she is not the same Rhea who was obsessed with bringing Ranbir into her life. She is the new Rhea, and she wishes to remain with the family and find peace. She desires the Kohli family. She expresses her displeasure if Dida chooses her to be Prachi’s replacement in Ranbir’s life. Here is about Akshay Tell’s Ranbir Marry on the same mandap.

Ranbir Reflects on Rhea’s Words

Dida does not want to be chosen solely because Prachi has returned. She has no objections if Ranbir chooses Prachi and marries her again. She expresses her satisfaction with Ranbir’s decision. Dida bestows blessings on Rhea. Ranbir reflects on Rhea’s words. He had not anticipated such a drastic change in her. Aryan runs into him. He claims to have witnessed Pallavi and Vikram fighting. Ranbir inquires about the situation. Aryan challenges him to guess why. Ranbir realizes they are fighting over his marriage. Aryan requests that he speaks clearly to the family and put an end to the confusion. Also covered Proposal Gone Wrong.

kumkum bhagya

Ranbir expresses that he has no idea what he wants, that he lacks clarity, and that his life is becoming increasingly complicated. Aryan predicts that he will pass out after witnessing Ranbir’s utter confusion. Ranbir invites him to accompany him. Aryan declares that he will not abandon Ranbir. He understands Ranbir’s need for him. Ranbir expresses a desire to spend some time alone. Aryan walks away. Dida approaches Ranbir to emotionally torture him. She claims he doesn’t take care of himself and is jeopardizing his life and happiness. Here is about Romantic Twist.

He inquires as to what he did. She doesn’t want the same things to happen again. She informs him that Prachi has returned, but not in his life. She asks him to comprehend why Rhea refuses to marry him. She is concerned that time will pass and Ranbir will be left alone. She informs him that he will not receive Rhea or Prachi. Ranbir becomes even more perplexed after hearing this. He is at a loss for what to do. He sees the moon and wonders what he should do to bring his life back to normalcy.

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