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Describing Hardik as selfish, Lalji Patel said – there is no such thing as trusting him….

The long-running speculation has come to an end. Hardik Patel has joined BJP on Achhe Din today. SPG’s Lalji Patel is very upset with Hardik’s move. He has given many statements about Hardik. He has said that Hardik Patel is selfish and now everyone knows that Hardik Patel is not trusted.

SPG President Lalji Patel has expressed displeasure over Hardik Patel joining BJP. The work that was left for the society is still the same for him. The case against the youth of the Patidar community is still the same and it cannot be said when the family of the deceased youth of the Patidar community will get justice.

So far, many of the comrades who have joined the Patidar Anamat movement have joined the BJP, but there is no answer or solution to these two big questions of the Patidar community. So now that Hardik Patel has joined BJP, I will write a letter to solve both the difficult issues of Patidar community in future and demand for a solution at the earliest.

He further said that during the Patidar movement, we had decided that none of us would join any political party. Although earlier Hardik Patel joined Congress and now he has joined BJP. Now in future also he can join any other party from here. The Patidar society has been deceived, if it continues like this, then the confidence of the society will also be shattered. There are many people who no longer have faith in the society.

Hardik is a traitor before betraying the Patidar community and joining Congress. Now he has left Congress and joined BJP. He is a selfish person who is changing parties for his selfishness. Only time will tell whether Hardik Patel joining the BJP will find a solution for the Patidar community.

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