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Dengue In Bangladesh, the Number of Dengue Patients Hospitalized Each Day Has Once Again Surpassed 1,000!

Since the beginning of the day on Sunday, there were a total of 1,020 dengue patients admitted to hospitals, bringing the total number of dengue patients admitted to hospitals since January to 37,151.

According to a press release issued by the Directorate General of Health Services, two more people had passed away as a result of dengue fever as of 8:00 in the morning on the same day. One of the deaths occurred in the city of Dhaka, and the other occurred in the city of Mymensingh.

618 of the newly reported hospitalizations took place in the city of Dhaka, while the remaining 402 took place in other locations outside of the capital.

On October 23, the nation saw its highest single-day total of 1,034 people admitted to hospitals.

According to the DGHS press release, the mosquito-borne viral disease caused the deaths of 136 people across the country. Of those deaths, 80 occurred in the city of Dhaka, one occurred in Narsingdi, one occurred in Madaripur, 38 occurred in Chattogram, five occurred in Barishal, five occurred in Khulna, four occurred in Mymensingh, and two occurred in Rajshahi.

Dengue in Bangladesh

In terms of the months, there was one death in June, nine deaths in July, 11 deaths in August, 34 deaths in September, and 81 deaths in the month of October.

There was an unchecked rise in the number of dengue infections during the month of October as a total of 21,059 cases, or 56.68 percent of the total, were reported during the month’s 30 days.

According to the official data, the number of dengue patients who required hospitalization ranged from 9,911 in September to 3,571 in August, 1,571 in July, 737 in June, 163 in May, 23 on April, 20 each in February and March, and 126 in January. This does not include October when the number of dengue patients who required hospitalization was 9.911.

On Sunday, the minister of local government, rural development, and cooperatives, Md Tajul Islam, stated that raising awareness among the general public was important in conjunction with activities carried out by the government to control dengue fever and other diseases carried by mosquitoes.

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Health on Sunday, the official stated that he made these remarks while presiding over the 5th inter-ministerial meeting at the Secretariat to contain mosquito-borne diseases across the nation.

This year’s climate is quite different from that of previous years. He went on to say that the outbreak of dengue fever this year was worse than in previous years because of the sporadic rainfall.

Dhaka city saw a total of 25,471 patients admitted to hospitals this year, accounting for 68.56 percent of the country’s total hospitalizations.

During a pre-monsoon survey conducted in April, the health directorate discovered a higher density of Aedes mosquitoes in the nation’s capital compared to that which was found in 2021. As a result, experts have predicted that the dengue situation will worsen in the city this year unless preventative measures are taken.

In September, the DGHS made the results of its monsoon survey public and found that the mosquito population in Dhaka city had increased by a factor of two since the time of the pre-monsoon survey.

According to the data provided by the DGHS, there were 1,01,354 dengue patients hospitalized in 2019, and 179 of those patients passed away. This is the highest official figure that Bangladesh has recorded since the country began keeping records of dengue patients and deaths in the year 2000.

At least 28,429 patients were diagnosed with dengue fever and 105 fatalities were officially recorded in 2021.

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