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Daughter got job worth Rs 23 lakh, which includes her parents

Today’s youth spend their family money to make a good living and study in good colleges and universities. And he himself works very hard during his studies. But today only one girl has inspired everyone and today she got a job in a company with a package of lakhs of rupees that year. Overall, a girl gets a job worth Rs 23 lakh. Which, made the video an overnight sensation.

Unemployment is increasing day by day. But this daughter has got a good paying job in the company due to the very different work. The whole incident is from Bhopal where the girl has not completed her studies yet but before that she got a job worth lakhs of rupees and everyone is very angry and happy. The girl is currently studying Computer Science Engineering and is continuing her studies in her final year.

You will be surprised to know that he has never taken coaching in his life and has worked hard for his own studies. His daughter’s name is Moksha Jain. And his father is a property dealer. The girl has been selected for Walmart company and now her post can be seen in Chennai or Bangalore and she will be paid Rs 5 lakh for one year job.

On talking to Moksh, it came to know that he gives the main credit for this work to his parents and has also done internship with them many times. And he has got great success during his studies. And not only the parents’ name but the entire Bhopal’s name has been taken.

You have a total of three daughters and Moksh is the second sister. This daughter is studying in her final year of Computer Science. And his studies are not completed yet and he has got a job with a salary of lakhs of rupees.

The family as well as the local people are very happy with her success and now she will be given posting in any city of Bangalore soon after her studies.

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