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Cyber security is a serious concern for India

Cyber security is a serious concern for Indian govt as well as for citizens because India is not taking cybersecurity seriously.

Recently we have seen that cyberspace has frequently changed and many more upcoming trends are coming in the future.

Cyber security will play a key role in IT Sector and India have to prepare for an upcoming cyber challenge in the coming years. We have to inspire and take some lessons from western countries that face these challenges every day.

Recently, the National Cyber Security Coordinator Rajesh Pant highlighted cybersecurity threats to be the biggest risk to Indian national security. He also underlined the need to develop and maintain cyber hygiene.

As there is a drastic growth in e-commerce, internet or cyber security is a major issue in growing countries like India.

In India internet users are also growing and the country is expected to have 900 million users by 2025, it is believed that the digital growth will invite more cybersecurity challenges in the coming years.

Besides, the growing interconnectedness among multiple geographies, markets, and sectors due to widespread digitization, It has also increased the likelihood of cyberattacks on Indian individuals and corporate entities.

In India Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) only covers some portion of cybersecurity. Presently CERT-In is the nodal agency on cybersecurity and it does not deal with all aspects related to the protection and preservation of cyber security in India.

Even the roles and responsibilities of CERT-In are limited under Section 70B of the Information Technology Act, 2000,” noted the expert.

Recently in June Union minister Ajay Kumar Mishra said India recorded around 36.29 lakh cyber security incidents from 2019 till June this year and the government has taken several steps to tackle these cybercrime cases.

In Today’s World cybersecurity affects all sectors of human activity thus, India needs to setup up a specialized Ministry of Cybersecurity that would deal with all aspects of cybersecurity.

So, the Conclusion is that the Indian Government, as well as Indian citizens both, have to be aware about rising cyber threats and prepare for upcoming challenges otherwise we have to face major consequences of neglecting cyber security.

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