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Corruption: Rs 10 crore copy business in Bundelkhand, ‘work’ done in notorious colleges with guarantee


There are about one and a half centers in seven districts of Bundelkhand. The fact that CCTV cameras have been stopped in 25 percent of the colleges shows that despite the use of all the techniques, there is a large number of copying in Bundelkhand. Many centers charge students Rs 20,000 for a copy. The copying business in Bundelkhand is worth Rs 10 crore every year.

Bundelkhand is notorious for copying. It has been tough for some time now but this time the system has derailed. The latest situation is that mass copying is being done in colleges by turning off the cameras. All the expenses are coming to the fore after the Physics II paper leaked on Wednesday.

In the investigation of BU officials, it has come to the fore that the cameras of about 40 colleges remain closed during the examination. Of these, there were nine to ten colleges whose cameras were never open. Sources said that around 25 colleges in Bundelkhand are already notorious for plagiarism. Copies are guaranteed in these colleges.

These colleges charge Rs 20,000 from each student and contract to pass with good marks. On an average there are 200 examinees at a centre. In such a situation, the business of copying in Bundelkhand is about Rs 10 crore. All the colleges are running with this amount.

Where there is the slightest suspicion of plagiarism, immediate action is taken against the center concerned. Now if the CCTV cameras of any examination center are found to be closed, immediate action will be taken to cancel the center.

BU surrenders in front of political interests of Bundelkhand copying mafia
The Bundelkhand University administration has bowed before the political interests of the Bundelkhand fake mafia. Government orders are flying in the air. Centers are made on the phones of leaders. Complaints against a politically dominated college are covered. This can be gauged from the fact that every day 30 to 40 college cameras are switched off and BU remains silent.

It is mandatory to have CCTV camera in the college becoming the examination center. The committee overseeing the center also conducts appropriate investigations. But as soon as the exam starts, the copy mafia turns off the camera. BU has also set up a control room in the examination hall to monitor the CCTV cameras.

The big question is that if these colleges were copying from the camera, then the report was given to the BU officials from the control room. What action did the BU officials take when the report came? Sources said that more than ten days have passed since the commencement of the examination. Despite the cameras being turned off during the examination, the BU administration has not taken any action against any college.

Officials also under question, it took six days to cancel the exam
It took BU six days to cancel the examination of Haji Anees College Khan Girls Inter College in Jalaun, where the flying team had reported mass copying in the first shift on March 31. The same thing happened when the paper leak case came to light. In such a situation, questions are being raised on the performance of the officers.

The police will now investigate even before the paper leaks. Seeing the way Shri Ram Mahavidyalaya clerk Rajdeep leaked the paper, the police fear that the paper may be leaked even before the second paper of Physics. Even before this, accused Babu had done bundle making work in four examinations. In view of these conditions, the police is investigating the CDR of the manager and other employees including the accused Babu.

The examination of the Science Faculty of Bundelkhand University has started from March 28. So far four examinations of B.Sc second year have been done. In which the first question paper of Physics has been examined including all the papers of Mathematics. Police officials say that the question paper reached the mobiles of all the students seven minutes after the accused sent the paper to Clarke. Seeing this, it is being said that the students already knew that the paper was about to come. He also knew that the paper would be available by 6 in the morning. Solving the paper quickly, the students reached the examination hall.

It is feared that the papers of other subjects including First Physics were also out. Now along with the mobile phones of the college employees, their CDRs are also being checked for investigation. Police sources said that Clarke’s duty to open the bundle was planned. There are three clerks in the college. Rajdeep was regularly busy opening bundles of question papers. The niece of accused Clarke is also a student of B.Sc (2nd year). He has got four papers.

The first question paper of Mathematics I (Algebra and Matrix) will be on 28 March, Mathematics II (Equation and Internal Transformation) on 30 March, Mathematics III (Mechanics) on 1 April and Physics (Optics and Laser) on 4 April. , Police sources said that Rajdeep’s duty continued even during these examinations. SSP Shivhari Meena says that the matter is being investigated. Police is probing all aspects.

Physics paper reached 800 mobiles in seven minutes
In just seven minutes, B.Sc. The second paper of Physics second year reached 800 students’ mobiles. The special thing is that when the police started making revelations, everyone deleted them from their mobiles. This was disclosed by the police surveillance team. Trying to recover data. The records of all the 32 mobiles seized are being checked.

A copy of the paper released by Rajdeep Yadav, Clerk, Shri Ram Mahavidyalaya, Bangara went viral very quickly. Within no time this paper came from Bangara to Jhansi. A large number of students also reached Tehrauli. According to the police officers involved in the interrogation, Clarke Jayaprakash’s job was to bundle papers in the college. The paper seal was opened at 5.55 am on Wednesday. After this, at 6.08 am, Jayaprakash took a photo from his mobile and sent it to his niece through WhatsApp. His niece also sent the paper to a friend and four other students.

Finally the paper reached Ajay Bhaskar and other students at 6.15 minutes. Till then these people had also sent a copy of the paper to their respective friends. Those who had papers, solved them out. These students reached the examination hall with chit. Police officials say that the entire matter is being thoroughly investigated.



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