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Corona’s new form is in danger, know what are the symptoms of weak immune system


Corona’s new form is in danger, know what are the symptoms of weak immune system

It is very important for everyone to have a strong immune system. Experts were advising to strengthen the immune system to avoid all the previous types of corona. With the passage of time, new types of corona are emerging, so it is necessary to strengthen the immune system to protect against them. What are the symptoms of a weakened immune system, you will learn in the article.Coronavirus variants: Could the Omicron and Delta variants of COVID indicate a more dangerous strain?  an expert decodes

The novel form of corona, XE, is a recombinant strain of 2 subunits BA.1 and BA.2 of the omicron. The WHO said in a report that the new mutant variant XE may be about 10 percent more infectious than Omicron’s sub-variant BA.2. Cases of the XE variant were also found in India, but PIB Maharashtra stated that no concrete evidence was found to confirm the new variant XE in the patient. But people are still worried about the new type of corona. Experts have already said that the body’s immune system is the best way to fight all types of corona.

Just as the cases of corona are decreasing in India, in the same way people are paying less attention to their immune system. Now in such a situation, if a new variant can come in the future, then it can infect people. This is because there were some cases in which people who were vaccinated also got infected. Now in such a situation it is very important to know whether your immune system is strong or not.

In this article, we are going to tell you about 6 such symptoms that show that your immune system has become weak and needs immediate attention.The attack rate is relatively high as there is no immunity.  Why the coronavirus was never going to be another flu - MarketWatch

stress levels are high
It is normal to feel stressed after doing any work. But according to a report by the American Psychological Association, if a person is under stress for a long time, it is a sign of a weak immune system. He needs to boost the immune system.

It’s always cold (You always have a cold)
If a person has frequent colds or flu or frequent colds every 7-10 days, it is a sign of weak immune system. It is normal to catch a cold 2-3 times a year, but if it happens more often, the immune system needs to be strengthened.

lots of stomach problems
If you have frequent complaints of diarrhea, gas or constipation, then it can be a sign that your immune system is weak. Research shows that about 70 percent of your immune system is in the digestive system. This is because the bacteria and microorganisms found there protect the gut from infection and strengthen the immune system.

wounds heal quickly
Anyone who has a strong immune system, it takes less time to recover from any wound or injury in his body. But those whose immune system is weak, it takes more time to recover. If you also have this problem, then understand that your immune system is weak.The Immune System and Longer COVID - UKRI

you often get infections
If you often feel the effects of an infection, you may have a weakened immune system. According to a report from the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology, the symptoms of a weakened immune system in adults can be as follows.

Ear infection more than 4 times in 1 year
– Pneumonia 2 times in 1 year
– Bacterial sinusitis 3 times in 1 year
– Read the need for antibiotics more than 2 times in 1 year

feeling tired all the time
Constant fatigue and lack of energy in the body is also a sign of a weak immune system. This is because when the immune system is weak, the body becomes weak and there is always fatigue.

What to do to boost the immune system? (What to do to increase immunity)
The above-mentioned signs suggest that your immune system is weak and you need to pay attention to it. If you want to boost your immune system, then you can boost your immune system by making some lifestyle changes and following ways, which will also help you stay healthy from the new type of corona.

eat a balanced diet
– get a good night’s sleep
– Daily Exercise
– get vaccinated
– maintain a healthy weight
– do not smoke
– reduce stress



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