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Core Strength Can Be Built With Chris Hemsworth’s Eight-Move Ab Workout

Since 2011, when he made his debut as Thor, God of Thunder, everyone knows that Chris Hemsworth is in great shape. But while the Australian actor is known for working hard in the gym, he recently said that his favorite core workout doesn’t require much equipment at all. Hemsworth posted a video of himself doing the session on a boat on Instagram as if to prove his point.

The only thing the Marvel star uses to work out is a medicine ball. However, you can see a pair of adjustable dumbbells in the background, which are probably for more muscle-building workouts on the boat. But if you don’t have a medicine ball, you can use a dumbbell, kettlebell, or even a full backpack instead for this accessible session.

In his Instagram video, which you can watch below, Hemsworth shows eight ab exercises and explains how they can be used as part of an effective core workout. Start by doing 10 reps of each exercise in a row with as little rest as possible between each one. This is one round.

At the end of each round, take a 60-second break to catch your breath and give your abs a little time to recover. Then, it’s time to start the next round. When you’ve finished five rounds and done each exercise 50 times, the workout is over.

Then, he tells his more than 56 million Instagram followers how to do the workout and gives them some words of encouragement. “Try at your own pace, but don’t give up! Follow along and keep going until you reach 50 reps. You can do it!”


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Hemsworth’s favorite core workout is an example of high-intensity interval training because it has a lot of reps and not much rest time. This training method has become more popular over the last 20 years because it makes the most of the time you have to work out. It also doesn’t need much equipment, which makes it a great choice for people who want to work out at home.

But being useful isn’t the only good thing about it. It has also been shown to be good for your health in many ways. A review published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that HIIT is an effective way to increase VO2 max, lower body fat percentage, and lower resting heart rate.

Hemsworth’s workout is also better than most ab workouts because it works more than one muscle in the core, which is made up of the rectus abdominis, obliques, and transversus abdominis. These are in charge of bending, twisting, and stabilising your midsection.

So, exercises like butterfly sit-ups work the rectus abdominis, bicycle sit-ups work the obliques, and bird dogs work the transverse abdominis, giving you a complete core workout.

It’s important to get enough protein in your diet to help with DOMS and speed up recovery. The best protein powders for weight loss keep you full so you can build lean muscle. If you use one of the best blenders for protein shakes, you can make them into a tasty snack to eat after working out.

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