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Complaint filed against a businessman in Ambaji for extorting three times Rs.

Pilgrims in Ambaji are still being looted in the purchase of Prasad and this problem has been going on for the last few years. On Friday, some devotees from Ahmedabad came to visit Mataji. The merchants then threatened to kill him so that the pilgrims and all incidents of discontent and anger would be taken to the police station.

In Ambaji, a huge amount is being collected by the traders by duping the Hari devotees who have come from far and wide. Gopalbhai Patel, a resident of Ahmedabad saw the same case today. Gopalbhai along with his friend had come from Patan for Ambaji Darshan.

When Gopalbhai first came to the 51 Shaktipeeth circle, a young man said that the road was closed and he took him behind. The youth told that Sundarmata Prasad’s shop is his and he sold two baskets of Prasad to Gopalbhai worth Rs.251.

Then the young man told the time of closure of the temple and after darshan asked to pay the money. After this the youths demanded Rs 1360 instead of Rs 502 for two baskets. After a heated argument between the two, the whole matter reached the police station. Dineshbhai Garba Ji Vanzara, a prasadi trader, was threatened with death by calling his friends and associates.

The young man who came from afar saw the crowd and paid for his security, but reported the whole incident to the police station. A huge robbery is being carried out by some traders in Ambaji which should be noticed by the police and action should be taken immediately.

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