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CM, CR Patil, Water Supply Minister, no one is interfering in this matter, tomorrow CM will be given a final presentation on water.

On the statement of MLA Jignesh Mevani against the statement of BJP President on the issue of water crisis in Vadgam, Banaskantha, CR Patil said that there is no need for interference. CR Patil need not interfere in this matter. Mevani said that a big announcement has been made to give my ultimatum to the Chief Minister tomorrow. If this problem is not resolved then there will be agitation on the road.

Congress MLA Jignesh Mevani is preparing to raise the issue of water in Banaskantha and his area. Mevani says that the policy will raise the question of drinking water for 80 crore people in the coming days.

According to the government report, there is a shortage of groundwater in 24 taluks of Gujarat. The proposal to fill water inside the main dams of Vadgam and Karmavat lakes has already been made. He has also performed this presentation on the stage of the assembly.

CR Patil answered the question of water. Jignesh Mevani said that the Chief Minister or the Water Supply Minister should answer about the water problem. Why did CR Patil answer? But actually the officer of the department should answer to the minister, there was no need for CR Patil to interfere in this matter. Submissions are made for five consecutive years, as the fox must examine the records and then make a statement.

The government says that it has sent officials to investigate the lake. Why dust and pile up? The government has prepared a project worth Rs 110 crore after conducting a survey. Why isn’t it happening anyway? Why is the Narmada canal project not being brought to their constituencies from Patan district? Jignesh Mevani demanded that instead of raising questions on water, call a session or issue a notification or issue a special budget.

Jignesh Mevani had talked about sending an ultimatum to the CM on the issue of water in Vadgam, to which Priya Patil replied that Jignesh Mevani has no right to speak on the issue of water. Jignesh Mevani has lost the trust of the people since last five years.

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