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China’s Covid Case Count Reaches 900 Million, Spread to Rural Areas Next

A Peking University study showed that as of January 11, more than 900 million people in China had the coronavirus. This is 64% of the country’s population. It says that 91% of the people in Gansu province are infected. Yunnan (84%) and Qinghai (80%) are next on the list.

A top Chinese epidemiologist thinks that COVID will spread next to rural areas and reach its peak before the lunar new year. He also said that the peak of China’s Covid wave is likely to last two to three months.

As hundreds of millions of people travel home for the Lunar New Year holidays, which start on January 21, infections are likely to rise in rural areas. Before the pandemic, this was the world’s largest annual migration of people.

China stopped its strict anti-virus policy of mass lockdowns, which led to historic protests across the country in late November, all of a sudden last month, and finally reopened its borders on Sunday.

The sudden removal of restrictions has let the virus spread to China’s 1.4 billion people. According to state media, more than a third of them live in areas where the number of infections has already passed its peak.

Zeng Guang, who used to be the head epidemiologist at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the worst of the outbreak wasn’t over yet, according to a report that came out on Thursday in the local newspaper Caixin.

“Our main goal has been to help the big cities. It’s time to pay more attention to rural areas “Zeng was said to have said.

He said that a lot of people, like the elderly, the sick, and the disabled, are being left behind in the countryside, where medical care isn’t very good.

This week, the World Health Organization also warned about the risks that come with holiday travel. The UN agency said that China did not report nearly as many COVID deaths as it should have. However, China is now giving more information about its outbreak.

International health experts have said that at least 1 million people will die from COVID this year, but China has only reported just over 5,000 deaths since the pandemic started. This is one of the lowest death rates in the world.

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