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Chew sweet neem leaves early in the morning to ward off these 5 diseases.


Curry leaves are a treasure trove of health Nutrients like phosphorus, calcium, iron, copper, vitamins and magnesium are found in curry leaves, which benefit the body in many ways. Let’s know the benefits of chewing 3 to 4 green leaves every morning.

Chew sweet neem leaves early in the morning to ward off these 5 diseases

  • Amazing benefits of eating curry leaves

1.Good for Eyes

Eating curry leaves is good for the eyes, avoiding the risk of cataracts or many other eye related diseases as it contains the essential nutrient vitamin A which helps in improving eyesight.

2.maintain blood sugar levels

Helps Diabetes Diabetics are advised to chew curry leaves frequently as it has hypoglycemic properties that regulate blood sugar levels.

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3.relives all stomach problems

Good digestion Curry leaves should be chewed every morning on an empty stomach as it improves digestion and relieves all stomach problems including constipation, acidity, flatulence.

4. its anti-infection

Anti-infection Curry leaves have antifungal and antibiotic properties, which prevent many types of infections and prevent the risk of diseases.

5. weight loss

Chewing the leaves helps in reducing weight and belly fat as it contains nutrients like ethyl acetate, mahanimbin and dichloromethane.

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