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Check In to My Heart Chapter 62 Release Date Confirmed!


Check Out Chapter 62 Date of publication: Are you excited about Check-In to My Heart Chapter 61’s release? We’re here to help!! After seeing Ajin and Seul interact in such a cute and sweet way, the show began to become both affecting and interesting.

That’s why fans of this fantastic romance comedy Manhwa series can’t wait to see what happens with this couple’s budding relationship and hope that this plot will lead to something entertaining.

Along with the release of Check-In to My Heart Chapter 61 today, we’ll be reviewing the previous chapter to ensure that if anything starts to happen between them, you’ll be aware of it and won’t miss anything crucial.

Check-In to My Heart Chapter 62 Release Date

According to the current timeline, the next chapter of Check-In to My Heart will be released on May 28, 2023. In addition to the previously published chapters, the upcoming Check-In to My Heart Chapter 61 will be made available on Manta on the date specified. You can also read the manga on Harimanga. If you liked this manhwa, you might like Perfect Half, which is a romance/love story.

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The Main Characters of Check-in to My Heart?

Ajin: He is a clever and attractive HU Hotel intern who lives in the hotel’s basement due to her financial circumstances. She strikes a pact with Seolmin to avoid eviction, but she soon falls in love with him.

Seolmin: He is the HU Hotel’s charming, charismatic, and aloof CEO. He discovers Ajin’s lie and offers her a hotel room in exchange for posing as his girlfriend. He finally falls in love with Ajin despite his trust difficulties.

Jihyun: Jihyun, Ajin’s friend and colleague at the HU Hotel, is a cheerful and enthusiastic individual. He is smitten with Ajin and tries to help her with her troubles.

Yoonseo: Seolmin’s ex-girlfriend, Yoonseo is a gorgeous and wealthy heiress. She is madly in love with Seolmin and longs to see him again. She sees Ajin as a competition and tries to destabilize their connection.

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Check-In to My Heart Chapter 61 Recap!

At the same time, he asks her if the last guy they met, Seoyoon, is related to her or just a friend because he doesn’t think Seoyoon is a good person. While making fun of him, Ajin informs him that she believes he is very gorgeous and that he is also the type of person whom she can trust.

With this, Ajin informs him that, as he is aware, she became a full-time worker at an older age, which is why she has been feeling a little inadequate lately.

Seoyoon also told her that he recently become a full-time worker, much like her, which is why she thinks he makes her feel better because he doesn’t worry about the feeling of being alone.

Later in the novel, we see that after lunch, this guy chats with Ajin’s pet turtles and asks if they are easy to care for. Ajin, on the other hand, informs him that it is a difficult task. She claims that she is being paid fairly.

This guy says to one of the turtles, “That one has a bright red spot on his head, and that one’s shell has more yellow in it.” He then asks Ajin if she has named them yet.

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Ajin tells him that the yellow turtle’s name is Go and the red-spotted turtle’s name is Soel. However, he demonstrates that “Soel” is the same as the nickname his mother used to call him. He then asks her if she is sure the name doesn’t have a deeper meaning, which frustrates her.


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