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Charlene’s tweet about Ranveer’s picture, said – We had worms in our body?

Charlene's tweet about Ranveer's picture, said - We had worms in our body?

Actor Ranveer Singh’s nude photo shoot has started a new discussion. Is it okay to do that? Will it have a negative impact on society? Why the difference between men and women? Many such questions are seen on social media, on which people are giving their opinion.

Some liked Ranveer’s photo shoot, some rejected and trolled him. Actress Charlene Chopra reacted to this situation. In her tweet, Charlene described society and media as having double standards.

Charlene’s tweet about Ranveer’s picture, said – We had worms in our body?

Charlene Chopra also reacted to Ranveer Singh’s nude photo shoot. Sharing a picture of Ranveer, Charlene wrote in her tweet, ‘We did a daring shoot for an international magazine, then people and media called us out of character, rude and insulting.

Urduwood and media are busy appreciating their artistry when these people make bold shots. Hey brother, we had worms in our body? Ye double standard kaiku kate?’

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Let us remind you that this tweet of Charlene is more talked about because Charlene also did a nude photoshoot for an international magazine. Charlene did a nude photoshoot for the international magazine Playboy, which went viral. According to media reports, she was the first Indian actress-model to do a nude photoshoot for Playboy magazine. Charlene was trolled a lot during that time, when she faced many lewd comments.

Social media users are seeing mixed reactions to Charlene’s tweet. One Twitter user wrote, ‘No man or woman should read this.’ One wrote, ‘Why are you tweeting for reassurance, Ranveer is getting trolled and boycotted a lot.’ Another wrote, ‘You are absolutely right, this society and the media are two-sided.’ Many such comments are seen in Charlene’s tweets.

We tell you that many celebrities reacted to Ranveer’s photo shoot even before Charlene Chopra. One of these celebrities is Poonam Pandey, who has been in the news many times due to her nudity. Sharing a picture of Ranveer, Poonam Pandey wrote on Twitter, ‘You beat me at my own game.’ Social media users are liking this reaction of Poonam Pandey and they are commenting very funny.

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