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Chances of rain and dust storm in many cities of UP, said the Meteorological Department


Nearby districts including Kanpur of Uttar Pradesh are expected to get some relief from the scorching heat soon. According to the Meteorological Department of Chandrashekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology, a western disturbance (low pressure area) is likely to become active next week.

Due to which there may be rain with dust storm from April 13 to 17. The effect of this change of weather will be seen in the districts of Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, West UP and Kanpur division. Due to rain, the temperature can also drop.

Chandrashekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology (CSA) meteorologist Dr. S.N. According to Pandey, four western disturbances formed in the Himalayan hills in March, but their activity did not last long. Due to which the effect of heat was increasing day by day. Now the Western Disturbance is reactivating from the midnight of April 12, starting from the Western Himalayas and spreading to many states including Uttar Pradesh.
Along with this, there is a possibility of another blockage on 15th, which may remain active till 17th April. Due to which, from April 13 to 17, there may be rain with a cloud of dust in the districts of Kanpur Dehat, Unnao, Hamirpur, Hardoi, Fatehpur, Farrukhabad, Banda, Jalaun, Mahoba, Kannauj, Chitrakoot, Etawah etc. This will be the first rain of the summer season.
The temperature reached near 42 degree mercury
The effect of heat is increasing continuously. On Sunday, the maximum temperature touched 42 degrees Celsius (41.8 degrees Celsius). The minimum temperature also rose marginally to 19.6 degree Celsius. The humidity was 58 per cent and the minimum was 18 per cent.
Four unconscious due to heatstroke, two brain attacks
With the temperature hovering above 40 degree Celsius, trouble has started among the people in Kanpur. Four people were brought to Hallett Emergency in a state of unconsciousness due to heatstroke on Sunday. Two patients of brain attack have also been admitted to the hospital due to heat. The condition of the patients suffering from ongoing neuro and kidney disease has become critical. Doctors say that due to the rising heat, there has been a rush of heat patients. There is no news of any death from the heat wave.
At the same time, due to the sudden increase in heat, viral infection has also increased. People are having high fever. With this the problem of diarrhea and gastro started. Senior Physician of the Medical Department Dr. J.S. Kushwaha said that the patients of heat stroke have symptoms like dry mouth and severe fatigue. Along with this, there has also been an increase in stomach patients. Heat has the opposite effect on the body. The lack of water and salt in the body also affects the kidneys. The head of the Department of Medicine, Dr. Richa Giri, says that the number of patients has increased. There is high fever. But in the investigation, Kovid, Malaria, Dengue are not coming out.



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