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Car manufacturer Ford Motor may be banned in this country, this serious allegation

Automobile manufacturer Ford Motor is embroiled in controversies these days. The company was banned from selling or producing vehicles until a dispute over microchips was resolved by a German court in Munich.

Vehicle has 4G wireless chips
According to a report in German magazine Wirtschaftswoche, Ford Motors includes 4G wireless chips for which the company has not paid the license fee. If Ford does not reconcile with the plaintiff, the court’s decision can be enforced within two weeks.

Companies filed suit
According to data, the US carmaker has been sued for a patent by 4G Mobile Telecom. Though the names of the specific companies have not been disclosed, a case has been registered against the automobile company by a property management company named IP Bridges.

Volkswagen has also been accused of
This is not the first time a Japanese company has sued a brand for a communications technology patent. Prior to Ford, Germany-based Volkswagen was sued by the same company. However, the German brand settled the claims by purchasing a patent license from a company called Avansi, which had about 48 owner patents.

Germany has strict patent laws
Due to Germany’s strict patent law, the company’s car may be recalled if Ford Motor does not finalize settlement claims.

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