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Bus driver lost control while trying to spit gutkha, 4 killed, 5 injured in 45 passengers bus

Nowadays most of the people are doing their work by eating gutkha. The situation in Kota of Rajasthan is very bad. Where a huge accident happened on the road in which four passengers died on the spot. 45 passengers were going from Ahmedabad to Kanpur in the bus. Where Gutka lost control in an attempt to spit and a huge accident happened.

One passenger from Madhya Pradesh and two from Uttar Pradesh died in the accident, but a youth has not been identified yet. Five people were seriously injured in the accident. The driver fled from the spot after the accident.

Immediately after the accident, the police reached the spot, took the passengers present on the spot from the bus and took them to the hospital for further treatment. Both the people who died in the accident were drivers and they had to drive the bus at night as they were sleeping and they died.

On talking to the local people, it was learned that the bus driver died in a head-on collision at 3 o’clock due to loss of balance, in which four people were killed and five others were seriously injured.

Since then a list of four people has been released.

Virendra from Uttar Pradesh
Narayan Singh, resident of Madhya Pradesh
Jitendra Singh, resident of Uttar Pradesh
an unknown person

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