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How Was “Brandon Smiley,” the Eldest Son of Rickey Smiley, Died?

Brandon Smiley is the son of Rickey Smiley, who is a well-known American stand-up comedian, TV host, actor, and radio personality. On January 29, 2023, Brandon died.

He was well-known in the entertainment business, and he had a lot of fans on social media sites. Rickey Smiley’s father posted a video to Instagram on Sunday to tell everyone that his 32-year-old son had died and to pray for them.

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Who is Brandon Smiley?

Brandon Smiley is an American actor and comedian. He was born to his parents in the United States of America on 9 February 1990. Brandon Smiley is the oldest child in his family. All of his family members love him a lot. He is Well Known because of his father Ricky Smiley.

Ricky Smile is a famous American stand-up comedian, TV host, radio host, and actor. Rickey is also known for making funny phone calls, and he is the host of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, which is shown all over the country from Atlanta.

Brandon Smiley Death

Brandon Smiley pursued a career in comedy in the same field as his father. His humorous looks and talk were gifted at making people laugh. He used to perform in his educational settings before beginning his career. He also sought advice from his accomplished stand-up comedian father. He also performed in a number of American comedy clubs.

He attracted fame in 2020 after giving a performance at “The Star Dome.” His father posted it on his official Twitter account. In addition, Brandon performed stand-up comedy in other American cities. On the other hand, Rickey Smiley, his father, is also a comedian and is well-known for his prank phone calls. Additionally, he is the Atlanta-based host of the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show.”

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Brandon Smiley’s Personal Life

Brandon Smiley told his fans a few things about his private life. We did a lot of searching on social media and found out that he had posted a lot of pictures with a girl named Brooke Antonette. The couple spends a lot of time together and also writes each other sweet notes.

Based on this, we think that he has been in a romantic relationship with Brooke for the past few years. In addition, Brandon was the father of a baby girl named Storm Smiley, who was born on July 31, 2019. Brandon cared a lot about his daughter and posted a lot of pictures of her on his Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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What is the Cause of Brandon Smiley’s Death?

According to Sources Brandon Smiley passed dead on January 29, 2023. Rickey Smiley uploaded a video on his Instagram post on Sunday in which he announced the death of his son, who was only 32 years old. Although the exact reason for his death is yet unknown, some media outlets have reported that he passed away in an automobile accident. Rickey expressed his sadness and urged his fans and wider family to pray for the family.

Brandon Smiley Death

Brandon was very close to his mother, and he went on to say that she would be devastated to learn of his passing. In the video, Rickey Smiley stated, “Now he can know the agony of his grandfather when he lost his son.” Numerous well-known celebrities and admirers paid him tribute on their official social media channels.

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