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Blue Lock Chapter 219 Release Date Confirmed!


Blue Lock will be back soon with Chapter 219, and fans are excited about the upcoming fight. Isagi immediately found the ball with his meta vision, but Niko was able to stop him. So Isagi was looking for an explanation for Niko’s unexpected understanding. Isagi couldn’t figure out how he saw through his ruse and thwarted him. Isagi approached Niko and enquired about learning meta-vision talents.

When Niko inquired what he meant, Isagi replied that it was a way for them to take in their complete surroundings by using their peripheral vision. Then, all of the players’ on-field actions must be processed and analyzed at the same time. Niko emphasized that he was simply keeping an eye on his movements while tracking the ball.

He was dropping hints with his actions and play, so Niko’s perception and logic were certain to improve over time. Meta’s vision grabbed Niko’s interest because it was the first time he’d ever seen the field so clearly. Let’s find out when and where you can read Blue Lock Chapter 219 online.

Blue Lock Chapter 219 Release Date

Blue Lock chapter 219 will be released on Wednesday, May 24, at 12:00 midnight JST. Fans of the manga can read about the current adventures by purchasing Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine, which is available in both physical and digital formats.

blue lock chapter 219 release date

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Blue Lock Chapter 218 Recap

Even though Nico broke the order and went off script, Aiku praised him for his amazing skills. He told him how smart his plans were. Aiku told him to join the group again.

Isagi told him he was going to change even more, and Meta’s idea interested Aiku. Raichi was getting angry. He told Isagi not to lose the ball and said that they would have had a good chance of scoring if he had kept it.

Isagi told Raichi he was wrong to act so quickly and then asked Raichi if he knew what Isagi was planning. Raichi told him that he saw a chance to get the ball and grabbed it.

Since the ball bounced to him, he didn’t know what else to do. Isagi asked him if Ranze and Kenyu saw it the same way that Raichi did. Ranze told him that he had just seen him do what he always does, which is move and steal the ball.

blue lock chapter 219 release date

Kenyu said he felt the same way, but since he didn’t see the game the way Isagi did, he couldn’t figure out where to stand. Isagi knew that not every player could use meta-vision. He thought that Niko, Kaisar, and maybe even Lenzo were the only other players on the field who could use meta-vision.

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He wasn’t sure, but from what he had seen, those three were the only ones with the ability. This meant that it was a pretty rare skill that not everyone could learn.

Isagi was adding up the powers and figuring out how to use them best based on where they were. He was so into it that Raichi had to tell him to get back to his spot because the game was about to start over.


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