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BJP MP Ramchandra Jangra’s statement

The anger of the youth about the Agneepath project across the country is not stopping. Demonstrations and protests are taking place everywhere. The central government has decided that now this scheme will not be withdrawn. Politicians have given different opinions regarding this. The season did not stop even with the statement of senior BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya. “After retiring, we will give priority to providing security jobs to fire brigade personnel in our party office. Now BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Ramchandra Jangra has also given a strange statement.

He said that today’s youth have gone mad and to save them from murder, rape and narcotics, Agneepath scheme has been started. With this the youth will be cultured and the country will have immense wealth of cultured youth. Due to which the youth of the country get more employment and other youths will also benefit. There are many benefits of this plan.

MP Ramchandra Jangra also said that today our youth is moving towards danger and Agneepath is a very good plan to give it the right direction. This will greatly benefit the youth of the country. It will enlighten the youth of the country and if we can educate 50 thousand youth every year, it will become a big capital of the country. This scheme will reduce the problem of crime in the country.

He said that a person of 21-22 years will get a total of Rs 11.15 lakh in 4 years. Then he can invest it in another business and improve his life and that of his family. On the question of security of the country, the MP said that there will be regular recruitment but Agneepath will go a long way in educating the youth. In the coming times, India will become the most cultured youth power in the world.

With the Agneepath project, youth will get employment soon, so that they can move forward. After completing the service, he will get a huge amount so that he can invest in a business and give it to his family. He can say a lot with this amount. There are many benefits of Agneepath scheme. 5% of personnel to be recruited in the army after completion of service

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